Monday, November 10, 2008

Guess Who's Back?????


Well I am going to state the obvious Barack Obama won....I am not so much into politics, partly because of the last 8 years of Bush, but I cannot help but believe in politicians again with a man like Obama leading...I am a little bias since Obama's father is originally from where I was born, KENYA!

I will spare you guys any political rants or exuberations, I am sure we all need some time to recover from the 18months of what seemed like the never ending campaign...I am having some elections withdrawl though...i miss the sexiness that is John King over at CNN with his Magic Wall...mmm no one can work that wall like he does!

SO....I finished reading Twilight and it was great and all, cannot wait for the movie to come out! I think I will take my 14 year old sister with me, she will be my scape goat for seeing a movie that will be filled with the TWEENS! OK I really liked the book but I have to wonder are we females that stupid? Are we willing to become vampires and foresake our parents for a dude....I don't know but blood is thicker than water for me....really females...lets wakeup!

Lets see...oh ya...postponed my GRE to december...i already paid the $50 rescheduling why do I feel like i am ready for this sucker wishing i didnt reschedule...le sigh!

Haven't written in a while...laziness...writers the 2 people who read my blog a the way a shout out to my non-blogging reader, he keeps up with my blog more than I...meaning I have more of a life than he does : ) ohhhh homes ama miss ya!


Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

It is okay, I understand.


You have radical beliefs on gay rights? I believe I do too, but not the same radical. This should be interesting.

And...I forget what else.

Dorkys Ramos said...

Welcome back :)