Monday, February 11, 2008

Tick Tock

I am really starting to believe that I can hear my biological clock ticking....24 equates to 30 yrs in female terms..and 38 yrs in swahili cultural years....gasp....they have lost hope in me back home I might as well tell them I plan to live with my 15 cats for the rest of my life...back to the clock...i am not kidding my body is telling me its time to start poppin mini-me ummus....if fetuses could pick what mother they would not be me...i love babies and the idea of molding someone to be exactly like me is very...enticing...but i have a very set in stone schedule for these mini-me(s)..

1 to 10 days old: learn to pronounce Mama

20 to 40 days old: master Al-Fatiha

4 to 7 months old: picking up a second language ( yet to be decided)

1 yrs old: 10 'juzuu memorized

2 to 3 yrs: learn french...oui oui

6 to 7 yrs: mastered Beethoven and Mozart

20 yrs: mommy hops to Paris for a 1 day shopping trip ever since child became bigger than bill gates

What a lucky fetus!

I saw this picture and Rumi came to mind:

passion pray. With
passion work. With passion make love.

With passion eat and drink and dance and play.

Why look like a dead fish
in this ocean


But with passion we fight a senseless fight....