Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So going back to my old college and reuniting with some of my college mates made me realize something: how boring and drama-less my life has been.

My life right now consists of work, studying, sometimes the gym, sleep-wake, and the cycle repeats itself. No hanging out in the student lounge talking to the football players or dissing what people are wearing or not wearing for the matter. NOPE none of that. Just boring adult life. I wish life was college minus the all-nighters and deadlines. Even the all nighters were fun in their own way, sipping on 3 red bull cans, roaming the library like a determined zombie to stay awake for two more hours before the 7 am class. That was THE LIFE.

OH and lest we forget the drama! It was highschool just older kids. I somehow always got pulled into drama that I was completely unaware of. Thats what you get for having friends in different conflicting cliques. And yes there were cliques, that is not just a higschool thing.

So today, for a couple of hours I relieved college again. The gossip and the drama, the i think i am prettier than thou snotty looks. oh I miss those.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yes Please I Would Like to Get Out of the Elevator First!

I have noticed something that really irks me.

The place I work might as well be the UN, because you can basically find every nationality under that roof. That's a blessing, right? Most of the times but not always. I am about to put on blast all people who are not of the American race (blacks and whites included), basically us foreigners. I can talk about them without getting fingers pointed at or being accused of being racist because I am one of them.

So, today in the morning, I happily got on the elevator from the garage humming to the tune "whistle while you work" because I was just too excited about another 8 hours spent in my cubicle nirvana. I like it when the elevator is empty because awkward 10 second silence standing next to john doe is just too much sometimes.

Anywho, I got on the elevator with a white a guy. I usually like going to the back of the elevator and just rest my back on the wall. Icky for you germophobes, but we breathe and eat them anyhow.

Akward silence ofcourse ensued in the 10 sec ride, as I tried to smirk while I was checking myself out on the elevator mirror. When we arrived on the main floor, white guy held the elevator for me to get out first!

Chivalry is still alive...well just in America and beyond dead elsewhere.

This is not just a one time occurance but it is something that happens on a daily basis. I have noticed most American guys will let a woman out of the elevator first while other ethnicities such as Africans, Indo-Pakistanis, Asian don't bother to do that. NEVER!

I am sure you feminisits will decry my need to be let out of the elevator first by a male as anachronistic and debuking the women's movement of equality, but oh well. I am not so much a fan of we must be equal because equity is more important to me. Equality would mean because I can get pregnant then the male species has to as well. And we know they could not handle that!

Point is foreign men....let women out of elevators first. It makes us feel good plus your mama taught you better. Oh and stop looking at us on the elevator mirrors because we can notice you checking us out!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Music Through My Ears

So I decided to blog about my top 13 favoritist tunes of all times, the list was going all well until I told a certain someone that I was composing such a list. I thought my list was pretty complete until that certain someone started reminding me of all these tunes that were my top but apparently justat the back of my head. So here are my tops of tops in no particular order, because quantifying the favorites would just be an emotional havoc as each song below has a special memory attached to it:

Ace of Base, All that She Wants: my first musical influences I can clearly remember. I remember boping my head to this tune on matatus on my way to school in Kenya.

Boyz II Men, To the End of the Road: For those who grew up in the 90's, we just know why they were just the diggity bomb diggity. I used to sing this song word by word at the age of 9.

Tupac, Changes: such an emotional song for me, just very real!

Sade, Love is Stronger than Pride: further comment.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Crossroads: booo, booone, what you gonna do? this song made feel so gangasta, thuggish, and ruggish!

Erykah Badu, Call Tyrone: for all you Tyrones', get a job!

Jill Scott, Cross My Mind: Everyone can relate to this at some point..."into a room, across the room, out of the room" heyaaaaa

Dilated Peoples, Worst Comes to Worst: it's true my people's come first.

Roots, You Got Me: lyrical poetry just flows...

Backstreet Boys, As Long as You Love Me: who you are, where you're from or what you do...1997 Me, Z, and E giggling in the library fantasizing bsb singing this to us...because you know we are muslim girls coming from all over the globe, so they got us at "don't care who you are, where you are from, what you do, as long as you love me"....good times those they were!

Fugees, Killing Me Softly: Because even my MOM loves this song. Sing it Lauryn..."I heard he sang a good song, I heard he had a style, and so I came to see him and live sin for a while"....

No Doubt, Don't Speak: mmmmmm....

Usher, You Make me Wanna: Me and E dancing in front of class to this song,and the teacher walking in on us....

Anthony Hamilton, Charlene: never love if you can't give your all...just aint worth it.

Alicia Keys, Fallin': because some days it was GOOD and some days it was BAD....

Jay Z, Song Cry: no comment

Tupac and Jon B, R U Still Down: "I make you smile but you'd rather have what makes you cry" true huh?!?!

Eminem, Lose Yourself: Whenever I am angry at the world this song just gets me going.

Twalib Kweli, Get By: My early morning wake up tune on my way to work....

Maxwell, This Woman's Work: And after 4 years HE realizes......

21. Dave Matthews Band, Dreamgirl: : )

Sunday, September 21, 2008

And I Sing to YOU

Blasts from the Past

Funny, seems this weekend is full of blast from the past encounters of people I have not heard from in years if not a decade. One very good, and one VERY sour.

Blast from the Past 1: Brought back nostalgia of the golden days, the days where innocence was the norm, friends and lovers were sincere, stress was unknown, trust was never a doubt, lunch and recess were the highlights of the day, and growing up seemed so far away.

Blast from the Past 2: Brought back the pain and agony of trust, the strangling of the neck feeling when everything seems to be going wrong, the countless tears shed alone, the betrayal, the growing pains, the meaning of love, and the reason why I grew up.

But, experiences are what make us who we are, each blast from the past has taught me something that you can't learn at school, just those life lessons that seem to come at the most untimelyof times.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Say What...........

"Why shouldn't I be allowed to capitalize on my virginity?"

~A San Diego student using the pseudonym Natalie Dylan, who offered herself in an online auction to raise graduate school tuition money. thinking light bulb has just turned on!!!!


Smile Biatchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

One particularl lady that works at the cafetaria fascinates me beyond normalcy. She has became my social human experiment without evenknowing it. My hypothesis goes like this: if you do something so often eventually that subject will reciprocate back.

Cafeteria lady has never cracked a smile in the 18 months I have roamed the cafeteria looking dazed and confused watching people scavenger for food that is way below sub-par. A lot of my work mates avoid her line because of her gloomy outlook. It could be sunny and clear clouds outside but her weather is always gloom. At least you can always predict her, no surprises there! I never avoid her, it has became my mission to make her smile. While everyone just passes her line without the slightest words apart from "no receipt", without hesitance I try to make small talk with her about yesterday's football game "wasn't Romo something" I would say , "yaaaaa" in her monotone voice she'd reply. I am not giving up hope, like B would say, the Audacity to Hope!

I always smile at her, if anything a smile is charity to a person. Cheery, rosy, and determined everyday my mission is like the one yesterday. Any normal person would have lost hope by now, maybe she was born with a permanent gloom. Who knows? Gloomatitis, maybe?

This is not a Disney movie or blog? So the end of the blog is nearing, because frankly writing about her is a wee depressing, and there is no happily ever after ending in sight. She is today what she was yesterday. Was one of the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White named Gloomy, if not, we need an 8th dwarf? They need to cast her. Gloomy McGloomy.

Hypothesis testing still underway.

Friday, September 5, 2008

It's the little things....

Random white man at work greeting you with "assalamu alaikum"

Made my day, would have made it even better had it not being for the Italian Soccer Jersey!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sexiest Hurricane Name


say it like the swedes would...Gustaf

His Thoughts?

Say What...........

"Is it the Jonas Brothers?"

~Malia Obama, Ten year old daughter of Barack Obama after being told there was a "surprise" awaiting her on stage at the Democratic National Convention, it turned to be her father, appearing via satellite.


I would have said the same thing Malia!

Political Ramblings

barack obama is bigger than....? bigger than barack obama! a global sensation, more than a political celebrity, a symbol of hope and change.....but with all the glory and bruhaha....he remains a politician...he will remain a politician until he reaches office and we see the change we can believe in, in action, then maybe he will become a statesman in my mind!

Sarah Palin?????? Sarah who? Alaska what?? Cuts funding for programs for teenage pregnant mothers who don't have a home to live.....17 year old daughter pregnant.....the irony! One thing we can all agree on she is HOT!

McCain....72 years old....thanks for your service in Vietnam (a more unnecessary war than Eye-Raq)... back in the days I really liked you for being a republican who was not so ummmmm stood up to alot of Bush-ism...but again just like all politicians you change your persona on a whim....i want the old McCain back!

Oh Hillary how I miss you!